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Little Sammy

Gather around and I will tell you a story of

Little Sammy

(From I Samuel 1)

Once there was a man who had two wives.  One of them had children but the other one, whose name was Hannah, had none.

Now every year the good husband would go up and offer sacrifices as was the religious practice of his people.  He would give portions of the sacrificed meat to his wife who had children and all the children, sons and daughter besides, but to Hannah he would give a double portion  of the meat because he loved her and he felt bad for her that God would not let her have children.

Because she had no children and apparently could not have children, the other wife made fun of Hannah.  She teased and provoked her to anger and sadness just to be a pain in the neck.  She teased her so bad that she would cry and cry and would not eat.  Her husband, whose name was Elkanah, would say, “Hannah, why are you weeping?  Why don’t you eat?  Why are you so down-hearted?  Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?”

It made no difference to Hannah though what Elkanah said. “Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?”  SHEESH!  I mean really . . . there are just some things that men don’t seem to get . . . She was heartbroken that she couldn’t have children and the other wife was constantly picking at her over it especially at sacrifice time when everyone would go to the place where the sacrifices were made, which was at a place called Shiloh.

Being a yearly event that people from far and wide would travel to Shiloh, it was a time of much festivity.  Seeing the other wife with all her children gathered around her and celebrating with the portions of the sacrifice that were given to them would sadden Hannah all the more.  She would cry and cry and get sadder and sadder and angrier and angrier.

One year in Shiloh, Hannah had enough.

Everybody had finished eating and drinking and Hannah stood up.  Eli, who was the chief priest, was sitting outside by the temple door and he watched as Hannah stood.

She was very bitter in her soul and she began praying while standing there in front of the temple.  Openly crying she said,

God, will you please look at how miserable I am and think of me?  If you will just give me a son, then I will give him to your service for all the days of his life.

As she was praying, Eli was watching her.  Her lips were moving in prayer but she was not speaking out loud.  Eli thought she was drunk and told her,

“How long are you going to keep on getting drunk?  Get rid of your wine.”

Hannah said, “Don’t think I’m wicked.  I’m not drunk.  I’m in terrible pain and grief and have been praying to the Lord.”

Eli believed her and said, “Go in Peace, and may the God of Israel grant what you have asked of him.”

Hannah was considerably cheered up after this and stopped being sad and got herself something to eat.

The next morning they all got up and went back home.  Shortly after that Hannah conceived and gave birth to a boy.  She named him Samuel because she said, “I asked the Lord for him.”  “Samuel” sounds like the Hebrew for “heard of God.”

The next time it came to go back to Shiloh to make the sacrifice Hannah didn’t go.  She told Elkanaha that she was going to wait until Little Sammy was no longer nursing and then take him.  Elkanaha told her not to forget or change her mind but there was no worry of that.  Hannah was a good woman and she was sure to keep her vow.

So as soon as Little Sammy was weaned. even though he was still very young, when it came time to go and make the sacrifice Hannah took Samuel with her and followed her husband to Shiloh.  When they got there, Hannah went before Eli and said,

Just as you stand there, my lord, I am the woman who stood in front of you once praying to the Lord and you thought I was drunk.  Well, I asked for this child and God gave him to me.  So now, I give him to God and turn him over to you for the service he will do the rest of his life.


Hannah’s Prayer


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