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For the Love of the Spirit

Not an Endorsement


This is an administrative note.

In the blog I very often include images I get off the Internet.  I always provide a link back embedded in the image to the site from which I copied it.

IN NO WAY, should a “link back” be inferred as that this blog or its authors and/or administrators approve of or endorse the site from the image originated.

I do indeed find many sites that I gladly endorse.  If that happens I give them a separate link in the blogroll in the right sidebar.  I try to include as many as possible that I gladly endorse but it is not always the case.

It is a matter of courtesy when I do a link back — Not a statement of approval.  If I approve, I’ll say so.  Don’t assume that if I say nothing that I do not approve.  In most if not all cases in life, not assuming intent is the best bet.  Sometimes it can’t be avoided.  But in this case it follows . . .




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