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This is an administrative note.

In the blog I very often include images I get off the Internet.  I always provide a link back embedded in the image to the site from which I copied it.

IN NO WAY, should a “link back” be inferred as that this blog or its authors and/or administrators approve of or endorse the site from the image originated.

I do indeed find many sites that I gladly endorse.  If that happens I give them a separate link in the blogroll in the right sidebar.  I try to include as many as possible that I gladly endorse but it is not always the case.

It is a matter of courtesy when I do a link back — Not a statement of approval.  If I approve, I’ll say so.  Don’t assume that if I say nothing that I do not approve.  In most if not all cases in life, not assuming intent is the best bet.  Sometimes it can’t be avoided.  But in this case it follows . . .




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Love of the Spirit

Welcome to

Love of the Spirit

This is a blog created as a supplement to the ministry Love of the Spirit.  As such, it is not to be considered the main text and purpose of the ministry itself.  The intent of this endeavor is the same as every other blog that can be found on the Internet.  That is — it is a communication.

As a communication, it is generally and specifically themed.  Generally, the theme is Christianity.  The major concentration, however will be on love and how it is expressed through divine Providence.  That providence is channeled through an omnipresent Spirit, whom we call God.  We hold as a matter of faith through scriptural and divine revelation that the nature of God is Love.  The emphasis will be on divine revelation to individual spirituality.

Scripturally, we rely on the inspired word of God through the Bible to give support to that which is revealed to the human spirit with full knowledge and faith that without divine revelation that the written word holds little proof of God’s power and divinity.

As we explore and develop this theme, the defining characteristics of love will be discussed.  What are the qualities of God’s Love?  How is it expressed in societal, individual, and universal terms?  This exploration will cover several fields in which Love has been and becomes manifest.

Additionally, I will explore the concept and reality of divine Love through several means.  I will examine social problems such as poverty, war, physical, and mental illness.  Also of interest will be how we interact with our fellow human beings on a personal basis.  God’s Love and its expression through the Holy Spirit is relevant both to those who are most in need of its power and those to whom its need is perhaps not quite so apparent.  How, for example, is spiritual Love relevant to those who,  by worldly definition, are at the pinnacle of success and power?

Once again, welcome to Love of the Spirit.  You may subscribe to us through the button at the top right of this page and receive notifications of new posts and comments on existing posts to your email.  I hope if you like the blog that you will avail yourself of this convenience.  In any case, I look forward to you coming back and to your comments on the content you find here.

Until then,

In Christ’s Love, Michael

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