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For the Love of the Spirit

A Mighty Way

In response to an email from me on current happenings in my life and how God is using me for service and guiding me in my calling, one of my spiritual and religious mentors, Pastor Elizabeth Emrey, wrote me saying,

“You are in my prayers. I am glad that God is using you in a mighty way.” (emphasis added)

Everything God does is mighty!

By definition of his omnipotence, God cannot help but act in mighty ways.  I had not thought about what God was doing in my life quite in those words, but once it was “out there” I meditated on it.

Every act of God, no matter how small it may seem, or how it may be compared in magnitude to other acts of his Divine Grace and Mercy, is exactly equal to any act that flows from the godhead of our Holy Father.  Everything that comes from God comes from an absolute source and exists in perfection and power.

Can there be ANY limitation to the acts or results that are initiated by God?

Technically, the answer is no, but practically the answer is Yes!

How can this be?  How is it possible for the will of God to be limited by ANYTHING?

When humans are the tools employed by God then there are, in human terms, imperfect results.  Men and women are subject to all the imperfect traits in any human.  We are subject to sickness, temptation, pride, and, in the end, especially death.  We are subject to Sin.

The virtue of a tool is judged by its ability to perform the job required of it.

So, why would God use an imperfect tool to carry out his perfect will?

Why would he not just go ahead and bring into reality his will just by the absolute force of his power without relying on human agency?

Part of the answer is achieved by first realizing what his will is.  The will of God is to bring his children into reunification with him.  That is the whole story of the Bible.  The first humans embodied as they were in the genesis story of Adam and Eve were created in perfect union.  Nothing else needed doing.

God even instructed them what NOT to do (eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), and gave them an alternate recourse to perpetuate the perfect union of humanity and God (eat of the Tree of Life).  I think you know the outcome of that enterprise.  That is where the lesson of the less than perfect tool comes in.

The story of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and humanity’s eating of it is a metaphor of the Free Will that humans possess.  In that (among other ways), we are in the spiritual Image of God.  Humans alone of all animals possess the quality of God’s Free Will.  God didn’t create man and woman to be automatons.  He created children.  Someone he could love as beings like himself — and who could love him in return without being forced.

By exercising free will we may chose to follow his will or our own.  When we chose our will over his, then the nature of our humanity causes us to act in contradiction to his will.  We are told in the bible that merely to THINK in contradiction is as bad as the act.  First the thought comes, brothers and sister, then the act — cause and effect.  Effect never precedes cause.

The nature of our humanity causes us to want to be god in ourselves.  When God speaks to us and tells us his will and it is not what we want to do, then rebellion arises — always and without fail.

If we are called by God into service of his will and follow that will then we will perform as best we are able, given all the limitations of body and spirit.  The stronger our faith in his will and in his love for us then the greater our virtue to be able to carry out that will as it is spoken to us.  The greater our virtue the more we will grow in faith and love.  In this life and in our bodies (flesh) we cannot be perfect in faith.  Faith does not become perfect until we are face to face with our creator and then faith ceases to exist and becomes absolute knowledge.

We will know as we have been known.  Glory!

So, rolling around back to the beginning of this post, is God truly using me in a mighty way?

I believe he is.  The goal he has in mind is that of which I am unsure!

Is it to serve his children by bringing and leading them to the love he has for them?

That must be part of it.  But, I am left looking at my efforts and wondering if this tool — this body, mind and spirit that I possess — is adequate for the job.

If not, then why use me for the task?  Why not use someone better suited — stronger in all three aspects?

I am full of pride, though less than previously.  Most (I hope) of that stupid pride has been burned and beaten out of me by previous failures to completely follow his will and my failure to have complete faith that nothing of my will is adequate for the completion of divine will.

So maybe that is a part of it.  Maybe part of the mighty way I am being used is for MY benefit!  As I practice following his will, I get better at it.  As I put my faith into action, the greater my faith becomes.  As I share God’s love, the greater that his love becomes in me.

And maybe, just maybe, he is is using this imperfect, error prone, tool because that is the way it works best.  Maybe, just maybe, it is by viewing others just like me as they grow in love and virtue in God, that others see solid examples of the possible!  As his might is seen in me in imperfect representation as a frail human, the more to the Glory of his Love that he should choose such a weak vessel to be the object of Divine Grace.

In the end I am left with more questions than answers.  The closer I get to following his will, the more my faith grows and the more that is revealed to me.  And each step along the way, the questions get the less.  It is not that the more I know the more I realize that I do not know.  That is indeed just the case.  The more knowledge given to me the more I realize just how much there is to be learned.

No.  The questions get less, because I don’t need the answers as much.  All will be revealed, if I just wait on the Lord.  His love is sufficient.

merciful and mighty!

God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!


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