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In On Our Own I discussed an organization here in Charlottesville that provides a recovery model for mental illness based on self-help, or what is colloquially called the Consumer Movement.  It is also called the Psychiatric-Survivors Movement and the Consumer-Survivor Movement.

I discussed beginning to volunteer as a Mentor at the local center and gave details from their website and links to their site.

Since the article here was published on January 5, I have put in my first day as a volunteer at the center and have been designated Webmaster for the center’s site.  There are difficulties at present establishing administrative and editorial of the site but the issue is being resolved by Executive Director J. Rose Farber, and I expect that the difficulties will be resolved by the middle of next week.

It is difficult to describe how fulfilling it is to me to volunteer at the site.  In addition to being of service of others, I am also served by the Peer Support paradigm.  All members (which I count myself blessed to be one) of On Our Own of Charlottesville, Inc., are Consumers of mental health services in a peer support environment.  I myself have been a survivor of alcoholism and depression and am greatly benefited by being able to share my difficulties, past and present, with others who are able to emphasize and understand from a first hand perspective.  No individual is above another in importance or position.  We are all equals, and our participation is intended to benefit all including ourselves.

As I continue to grow in this system in general and at this center in particular, I will continue to give my readers here updates.

I have started an ambitious project of writing an academic paper on the recovery model and will publish it in one form or another when it is complete.  I will give updates on the progress of that project here as well.

I will soon be adding links in the sidebar relative to the Consumer Movement as my work researching the subject proceeds.

Stay Tuned.

In Christ’s Love, Michael


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