Prepare Ye The Way!

For the Love of the Spirit

Actualizing Salvation

But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that was he has done has been done through God. (John 3:21)

In order for truth to be real — actual — you have to practice it.  “In Theory . . . ” means nothing in the real world.  “Reality” is what is measurable and open to examination and example.

We are hired for jobs based on prior experience and references from others who can attest to our proven ability.  We are fired if we cannot show by concrete example that what we say we can do, we can actually do.

“Well, she TALKS a good game . . .,” is a common expression and highlights the point here.

The same is true in religion as it is in the secular world.  It is true in the eye of God, as it is in the eye of humans.  Another common expression is, “They who cannot do, teach.” Despite its extreme cynicism, it holds a very large kernel of truth.  In religion it might be expressed as, “Practice what you preach.”

If I say that I am saved, but do not act as though I am saved, then I am sending a VERY strong message that I am NOT saved!  Is that who I am trying to impress — people who might happen to think that my state of salvation is of some personal importance to them ?  NO!  It’s not about trying to impress ANYONE, not even and especially God.

It will show itself.

If you live in the truth, you will act truthfully.  If you live in love, you will act lovingly.  If you have faith, you will behave faithfully.  If you are saved, you will act as though you are saved.  You may not do any of these things as well as you would like or as well as others think you should, but none of it is easy.  And, until you reach paradise, its all a matter of degree anyway!

We are given plenty of opportunities to express any of these qualities in daily life.  When we do act on these divine qualities and are slapped down by the world as a result we have two options.  We may stay down and avoid the risk and consequent pain that accompanies a failed risk, OR we may pick ourselves back up and continue to do that which actualizes the thought.  Doing that — actualizing the thought — is a sign of the faith that we profess.  The more we act on our faith the stronger our faith becomes and NOT by practice.  It is because acting on our faith brings it more and more into actuality by its presence in the real world as well in the spirit.  The glorious part is that the stronger our faith is the greater our received rewards for practicing it and actualizing.

There may even come a point where your faith is so great that all fear of putting it into practice will disappear.  This is a definite sign that you are becoming perfected in love.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  (I John 4:18)

How do you act like you’re saved?  If you are already saved, then you already know.  If you are not already saved, then get saved.  In the meantime, whether you are already saved or not, get into the Word of God and pray for revelation and understanding.  Meditate on the messages streaming back from God.  Open your ears and listen for a change.


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