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The Truth

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know  my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” (John 14:6-7)

I have discussed several aspects of the nature of God so far.  God has been identified as Love, Being, Good, the Creator, and the Universe.  All of these have been identified as absolute qualities in the Creator.  God is all these qualities as the quality itself in their highest forms — infinite and without exception.

There are no conditions that can be placed on these qualities.  Even the use of language itself to describe  them dilutes the qualities, because language places conditions on how fully they might be explained.  True understanding must come through mysticism which loses meaning with explanation and is itself fatally flawed.

Now we see another characteristic in our search for the ultimate.  Truth.

God is Truth —given.

Without this given then all search for God in any other respect is fruitless.  If we cannot accept as given that any revelation or examination is true and without condition them no revelation or examination can be accepted  If we find imperfection in the represented Truth of God then all other knowledge is minimally suspect and invalid as a result.

So what is the Truth.  Jesus tells us in John 14 that HE is the truth.  He is the Father as he represents himself here — by proxy.  “If you know me, then you know him,” he says. “And because you have known me and seen me, then you have seen and know him.”

We are still left asking though what exactly it is that this truth represents.  Details please!  Jesus gives us some of the details.  If he says that he is the truth and also tells us that he is “the way” and “the life,”  then we know that these are also fundamental truths.   There must be more to it though, yes?

If that is all there is to be known then why do we have all these different denominations?  If there were not shades of belief then there would not be all these various churches claiming that they hold the one and only truth and all the rest of them have just got it BAD wrong!  We could and should put a couple of boat loads of theologians out of work if we could only find one truth that covers the whole enchilada that EVERYONE can accept!

God wants us to know the truth.  The trouble is . . . the trouble is . . . the trouble is that the truth is as unconditional as he is.  If the being of God is without condition then any quality by which he is ultimately defined is also without condition and as it was said above any attempt to explain it dilutes the meaning.  Can there be one irreducible truth that is stated so plainly that it cannot be questioned?

Sadly, no.

Even the truth of the salvation provided by the death and resurrection is questionable.  If not, then the whole world would be Christian.

You see, any time we attempt to present the “Truth” as we understand it, we are forced to express it in a “subject-object” relationship.  “I am the way to life.” “I” (Jesus) is the subject.  “The way to Life (for humanity)” is the object.  Any time we use subject-object we open the field to conditionsWhat if “the way” is not Jesus?  What if it is Buddha?

God is neither subject NOR object!  God exists prior and independently from any subject-object discourse.  God is the Unconditional.  God is defined by absolutes without possibility of reduction or alteration.  Any time we turn to God and attempt to put pure Being into a subject-object relationship, God immediately turns it back to us and we become subject and object.  We try to relate to the ineffable with language which is an oxymoron.

For Christians there are certain truths that cannot be questioned for the faith of Christianity to continue.  That is the reason for “creeds”  There must be some things on which we all agree in order to call ourselves Christian.  To question or disavow any of these “truths” is to commit heresy.

  1. Jesus is the Old Testament promised Messiah, the Christ,
  2. He came to provide reconciliation between God and humanity,
  3. To do that he suffered and died,
  4. He then was resurrected from the dead and ascended into Heaven,
  5. He provides forgiveness of Sin, and
  6. He provided the Holy Spirit to be our comforter and assurance of his Truth.

The truth?  If you believe the forgoing you will have life everlasting in the realm of Heaven as a child and co-heir of Jesus.

God is Truth — given.

On this you can absolutely rely — Truly.

In Christ’s Love, Michael


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