Prepare Ye The Way!

For the Love of the Spirit

Understanding the Light

The light shines in the darkness, but the dark has not understood it.  John 1:5

The light is the Being, Truth, and the Goodness that is God.  Jesus came and was the witness to that light.  He was not the light itself.  That is why in order to bring understanding to those who could not comprehend the light that he had to die.  It was necessary for him to die and to be resurrected and return to the Light so that the light could be sent back to the world and inhabit the spirit of humanity and for those who welcomed the light, they came to under stand it.

Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.  Light eradicates Dark.  There might be diffused light as we see in shadows.  This is how the Christ was witness to the light.  His form was that of a shadow which is darkness diffused by light.  he gave definition to the light.  His human form was darkness.  But the light shone around him and entered into the darkness that was his body and showed the source of the light in the shadow.  Until that point there was no one who cast a shadow.  The being of all was dark without suffusion.  The shadow cast by the Christ showed that it was possible to replace darkness with light.

God, who is light, cannot perceive dark.  When light appears, dark disappears.  It is only by accepting the Light into the darkness of our corrupt human spirit that we can have communion and be acknowledged by the Author of the light and that only by acknowledging he who was the bearer of the light — the Lamb of God.

Where are you?  Have you acknowledged the light?  Have you understood the necessity of the light bearer?  What are you waiting for?

Come into the light.  For God’s sake, but more importantly for your sake.


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