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I recently finished preliminary training and begun working as a Mentor at On Our Own of charlottesville.  They are linked here and in the sidebar to the right.

I have visited On Our Own for three years.  First to see what they were about and lately to work there to assist in helping to assist others in their journey and life struggles with mental health.  They call those who use On Our Own and themselves “Consumers.”  A consumer is anyone who after identifying a need for assistance in mental health issues becomes someone who uses that assistance in the way or ways that they are best able.

On Our Own is a group of consumers helping consumers.  Directors, Staff, Volunteers, Mentors and anyone else who is a consumer of metal health assistance in general and the services available through On Our Own in particular assist those who come in seeking assistance.  It is for this reason they call what they do Peer Support.

A consumer does not have to be associated with On Our Own in any official form to receive assistance and services through the organization.  Any person may walk in the front door and receive assistance if they simply ask.  Membership is not required, but membership provides the consumer with certain help and avenues of assistance not otherwise available to the casual visitor.

I am a member and a consumer.  I struggled for decades with alcoholism and depression.  The way I benefit from On Our Own is by sharing in feedback from fellow members and by giving to others through whatever gifts I have at my disposal.  These things help me immensely by allowing me to be of service to others in the furtherance of my spiritual calling.   The training I went through was to be a Mentor.

The following is a verbatim copy from the On Our Own website which I strongly urge you to visit.  On Our Own is a federally recognized non profit organization.  As you are motivated by the Spirit please donate to

123 4th Street NW

Charlottesville, VA  22903


They accept goods and/or food in addition to financial donations.

Begin copy text

Our Mission: To provide mutual support, self-help, advocacy, education, information and referral services for individuals who acknowledge having significant problems in their lives due to mental illness and who are seeking to take  responsibility for their own growth and recovery while supporting each other. We actively advocate for positive change within the traditional mental health system.

Our Purpose:

  • To build a cohesive community of mental health consumers and providers.
  • To actively support the journey of recovery.
  • To always give service to our community and our peers.
  • To provide access to information and services.
  • To promote a caring, warm atmosphere where recovery is attainable.

Peer Participation: All members and staff have been consumers of mental health services at different points on their own path to recovery. We are peers in what is known as a the consumer movement. Ones level of participation is determined by his or her own goals. Individuals choose forms of assistance he or she need as they take part in the center”s community of support and safety.


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  1. […] On Our Own I discussed an organization here in Charlottesville that provides a recovery model for mental […]

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  2. � They are a big reason why I was not completely heartbroken when I made the decision to stay in Charlottesville after graduation.

    Comment by Cody Jones | January 31, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for dropping in, Cody. On Our Own is a large influence in my life at the present and for the forseeable future as well. I hope you continue to be blessed by them as I am and I hope you decide to make Love of the Spirit a frequent stop in your journeys on the Web.

      Comment by Michael | February 4, 2012 | Reply

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