Prepare Ye The Way!

For the Love of the Spirit

I Sing with My Spirit and He in Me

When I stand on a peak or a ridge and look into a mountain valley or out into the wide horizon, my breast swells with emotion at the beauty and majesty of God’s creation.

When I stand in the valley or in the plain and look to the peaks my heart thrills.

When I stand and look into the night sky and into infinite depths and the uncountable stars creating a speckled blanket from compass point to compass point, I stand in awe.

When I stand and look at my fellow sister or brother my heart bleeds with love.

When I stand I thank God that I may stand and with all five senses take in all the greatness of his universe.

Here by the Grace of God I stand.

How can one who does not believe in God share this infilling and outpouring of his Holy Spirit at moments like these?  In truth, they cannot.  For to the atheist there is no Holy Spirit because to them there is no God.  Certainly they can enjoy the beauty of all God’s creation.  That goodness is there for all to share.  It is a matter of degree.  But one who is not possessed of the Holy Spirit stands in witness to all of nature and it begins and ends at that point.

It is finite.

There but for the Grace of God go I.

It is measured not in single degrees but in magnitudes thereof and they extend without end.  When in these blissful states my spirit sings with joy and love and his Spirit sings in me the truths of all creation.  The wisdom imprinted on my soul cannot be expressed in concrete and provable terms.  I know because I know.  The ultimate authority confirms it.

The Trinity becomes so simply understood that it seems as child’s knowledge.  1+1+1=3=1.  Mathematicians scoff.  I shake my head.  Close your texts and put away your blinding speed computers.  Consult the Spirit.  The knowledge is there but no advanced degree will prove your possession.

All that is natural is beauty. Everything that proceeds from the Spirit is natural.  Nature comes and goes and comes again, never ending.  The Earth may one day be no more than specks of dust far flung and separate across the cosmos as a product of natural events.  It will remain in one state or another.  The Spirit stays constant and immutable.  God inspires nature, not vice versa.  Matter cannot be destroyed or created.  It remains in the eye of God.

Beauty is Truth, Truth beauty — that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.  Ode on a Grecian Urn.  John Keats.


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