Prepare Ye The Way!

For the Love of the Spirit


A man came into the world born of the Spirit of God.  He was completely filled by that Spirit and was engrossed in its totality.  So full was he that his faith in it was perfect.  The integration of flesh and divine spirit was so great that his spirit became the spirit of the divine.  He was in body 100% human.  He was made of bone and blood, temptations and emotions.  He was in spirit 100% God and possessed of the faith that comes through revelation.

He recognized the distinction between himself and God.  He spoke of God in the second person and called him, “Father.”  He prayed to the Father as one who was separate, yet not quite distinct.  He was the Messiah — hope for the world and the bane of death.  He became death itself and by his divine spirit threw death down and rose again in purified body and Holy Spirit only to ascend to live eternally in perfect and separate union with the One, his Father, from whom all life and love originates and proceeds.

To us, brothers and sisters of this Man/God, he gave with open arms the gift which elevated his fragile human form to Godhead.  To us, he gave the Spirit that was given to him by the Creator, by whose Grace we have become — Jew and Gentile — joint heirs to the life and glory to which he was the first-born, world beater, and conqueror of death.

African, European, Asian, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu — female and male — all are children of God and all that is required to rise to our inheritance is acceptance of our spiritual genealogy.

That Spirit is all around us.  To receive it we need merely ask and open ourselves to its infilling love.  For it to remain we need merely ackmowledge its divine presence and redemptive loving power.



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