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For the Love of the Spirit

He is not Christ

Jesus of Nazareth, who is called “Christ,” is that person from history whom Christians believe is the Messiah, was anointed by God as savior of humanity, and whose coming was the fulfillment of messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.

Jesus is the Son of God.  He was born to bring forgiveness of sins to humanity so that humans and God are able to have union both before and after death.  The method by which he did this was to allow himself to be killed and then resurrected in physical form after his body was laid to rest.  He then rose in body to heaven and sent his Holy Spirit back to earth to give life and gifts to the church.  The most important of these gifts was present even before the birth of Christ.  That is, the Holy Spirit gives assurance not available through worldly knowledge of the spiritual truths of God, most importantly that Jesus of Nazareth was and is and always be the Christ.

Jesus was and is and always be all of these things–every one of them.  If any one of these things is not true, then Jesus is not Christ.  If he is not the messiah promised by the Old Testament, then he is not Christ.  If he was not born to provide salvation, then he is not Christ..  If he did not rise again after death and ascend into heaven, then he is not Christ.  If he did not send the Holy Spirit into the world and make it available to any who believe in all the previous statements, then he is not Christ.

These things are not mutually exclusive.  If one is false, then all are false.  It is the definition of what it is to be a Christian.  Any one who claims to be a Christian and holds any one if these things not to be true, then they are not a Christian.  If any one holds that Jesus did not raise in body after death, then they are not Christian–by definition!

All of these things are found throughout the scriptures, both in the prophecies in the Old Testament and in the witness of their fulfillment in the New Testament,  As these scriptural proofs are fundamentally vital, they are not enough.  There is a final confirmation without which we cannot know the truths of these assertions and without which we cannot claim to be Christian.  That confirmation is given to us by the Holy Spirit which gives us proof in our hearts which are impossible to be gained through human experience.

Are you a Christian?  Do you believe the fundamental truths of what it is to be a Christian?  Have these truths been written into your heart by divine inspiration?

It is no good to say of any one of these truths, “I don’t know if I believe!”  “Knowledge” and “Belief” are synonymous.  To believe something is to have knowledge of its truth unless it is proven false by an authoritative source.  If the truth of the divinity of Jesus and all the statements confirming his being the Messiah are given to you by the Spirit, then there can be no greater authoritative source.  If the proof is not given you by the Spirit, then you are not a Christian.  If you say you do not know if you believe, then you do not believe.  It is as simple as that.

Can there be doubt?  Certainly.  Satan can always speak in the terms of the world and cause confusion.  But all you have to do is refer back to the Spirit that dwells within you and the truth will be reasserted.  There are ways to reduce the frequency of attacks on your faith, but they are for another discussion.

As long as you are a Christian and the Spirit has confirmed to you that Jesus is the Christ, then your salvation is assured if you simply trust in that truth.

Have you done it yet?  Have you accepted Jesus as the Christ and your Savior?

Why are you waiting?


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