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Thanks to new Subscriber, Patricia, Spirit of Love has added a new link.  Patricia recommends it highly and so do I.  It is called Faith Tabernacle, and if you follow the link there you may subscribe  to the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin.  You may find the link here and in the right sidebar under the heading Churches and Ministries.

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Here for your consideration is a short piece from about a year ago.


Says the Relativist, “There are no Absolutes. ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong,’ ‘True’ and ‘False,’ ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are merely artificial constructs and are completely relative to the culture in which they are found.”

“Really,” says the Absolutist?

“Truly!” says the Relativist.

“Can you state that to a moral certainty?” says the Absolutist.

“Absolutely,” says the Relativist.

Are there such things as Absolutes?  You better believe it.  For Sure!


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