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Love of the Spirit

is a faith based blog and a supplement to the ministry Spirit of Love under New Beginnings Christian Community within American Baptist Churches — USA.  However it is also an outreach blog within the ministry and as such we welcome those of all faiths and creeds even those professing no belief in God at all.  Catholics, Mormons, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhist, Atheists, and Agnostics — all are welcome.

We are a Christian ministry and blog though, with a concentration on the Love of the Holy Spirit and how it is witnessed and testified in the lives of men and women and how it is testified by the Spirit itself  As such our concentration will be on Christianity first.

In an attempt and effort to bring the Body of Christ together for fellowship and testimony and worship, we here at Love of the Spirit will provide links in the right sidebar for those who wish to have the authors and readership here visit their sites.

If you visit us here and would like to be linked just leave a link in a comment box and a request to be linked.  The main requirement for such a request to be granted is that it be a faith-based site, whether it is a blog or a site or a church, etc.  Christian links will be given first priority, but will not necessarily be exclusively limited.  Anything that we feel furthers the spread of wisdom of the true author of genuine Love will be given fair consideration.


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